Pidato Bahasa Inggris Tema “Lingkungan Hidup”

Pidato Bahasa Inggris Tema Lingkungan Hidup . Disini kami kembali memberi kepada and konsep pidato dalam versi bahasa inggris dengan tema lingkungan hidup .
Silahkan lihat teks pidato bahasa inggrisnya dibawah ini :
Good morning all, Alhamdulillah by the
grace of Allah the Almighty God, now I can stand here in front of you
all. At this moment we can meet in good condition. Now I will tell you
about “The importance of protecting the environment”
Plants, people, animals and the
environment are interdependence. Plants need a good environment for
growing, animals need plants to eat, and human need everything to
survive. Everything went as usual until the human who destroying it. No
one of living things on the earth who can destroying it except the
Globalization may already be
familiar to you . Globalization can accelerate the rate of economy
anywhere. Technology developed over the years become a tool that can
easily human works. Even to support it many new technologies are born
for example a computer. Unfortunately, the speed of current
technological improvement not followed by protecting awareness of
surrounding environment. Massive oil drilling caused by the human
vehicle is increasing along with increasing human populations from year
to year. Finally, the waste produced from the vehicles, become one of
the main factors polluted air around us. A lot of environmental damage
that we often hear, for example, global warming ,acid rain, greenhouse
effect, environmental pollution and so on.
The greenhouse effect caused by
excessive carbon dioxide gas and causes global warming makes the earth
hotter. The next phenomenon is acid rain, although it can prevent global
warming but acid rain is more dangerous. humans are the main causes !
Start From now let’s keep our environment for our grandchildren one day
later. because no matter how small work you do, will be felt by our
children and grandchildren one day later.
This is enough from me . sorry if there was a mistake, thank you for your attention.
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