Contoh Report Text Bahasa Inggris Pendek Singkat Padat

Contoh Report Text – Dalam belajar bahasa inggris, kita akan dipertemukan dengan jenis-jenis teks yang telah digolongkan yang sering sekali membuat siswa sulit untuk membedakan tiap-tiap teks itu sendiri.

Untuk mudah memahami membuat contoh Report Text anda haru tahu Report Text itu sendiri dengan baik dan jelas Report Text ialah salah satu dari beberapa genre text bahasa inggris yang berisikan tentang informasi dari sesuatu. Informasi tersebut disajikan dengan apa adanya.

Dalam report text tidak ada keterlibatan penulis untuk ikut mengembangkan report text tersebut. Semuanya disajikan secara logis berdasarkan fakta sesungguhnya yang ada di lapangan. Ciri yang paling menonjol dari report text adalah digunakannya simple present tense dalam penulisan kalimatnya. Ada juga yang menggunakan past tense, hal itu untuk membahas sesuatu hal yang sudah punah .

Adapun contoh Report Text sendiri bisa anda lihat dibawah ini :


An elephant is the largest and strongest of all animals. It is a strange looking animal which it has thick legs, huge sides and backs, large hanging ears, a small tail, little eyes, long white tusks and above all, elephant has a long nose, the trunk. An elephant is commonly seen in a zoo, it has hard found in it natural habitat.

The trunk is the elephant’s peculiar feature. This trunk has various usages. The elephant draws up water by its trunk and can squirt the water all over its body like a shower bath. The elephant’s trunk also lift leaves and put them into its mouth. In fact, the trunk serves the elephant as long arm and hand. An elephant looks very clumsy and heavy and yet an elephant can move very quickly.

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The elephant is very intelligent animal. Its intelligence combined with its great strength makes an elephant a very useful servant to man. Elephant can be trained to serve in various ways such as carry heavy loads, hunt for tigers and even fight. An elephant is really a smart animal.

Birds are interesting flying animals. They are vertebrates and warm blooded animals. They belong to aves class and they can be found all over the world.
Birds breath with their air pocket. Beside as respiration organ, air pocket also can enlarge or reduce their weight when flying or swimming.
There are many kinds of birds. Earth bird has special characteristic. They have different morphology according to their food and their habitat. Some of them eat seeds, pollen, fish or meat. There are some species that live in land and the others live in water. Land birds live on their nest.
Female birds have specific tasks. they lay eggs and feed their baby, Beside that they look for foods for their baby. 
Contoh Report Text Bahasa Inggris Pendek Singkat Padat
Demikian tentang  Report Text dan contohnya dalam bahasa inggris .

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