Kata Ucapan Tahun Baru dalam Bahasa Inggris (New Year’s Speech In English) 2014

Berikut ini adalah Kata Ucapan Tahun Baru Dalam Bahasa Inggris (New Year’s Speech In English) 2014 yang bisa anda gunakan saat 1 januari nanti .
Tujuan kami bagikan ini adalah sebagai contoh ucapan bahasa ingris dalam selamat tahun baru .

Kata Ucapan Tahun Baru Dalam Bahasa Inggris (New Year’s Speech In English) 2014 ini bisa anda ruba ejaan dan katanya tujuan memper indah .
Berikut kata ucapan tahun baru bahasa inggris nya . silahkan cuplik :

May peace and God’s love fill every day
in your life and light your way through the New Year.
Wishing you and your family is always safe and happy.
Happy New Year 2014.

I have a special New Year gift for you: a glass of care, a plate of love, peace spoon, fork bowl of trust and prayer, Happy New Year 2014.

Be a candle.
Be the light.
Be a twinkle in the dark.
Be an inspiration & make a big difference in other hearts,
Happy New Year 2014.

Today is a wonderful opportunity to pray, to care, love, to smile, to say, Happy New Year 2014.

Over time, every experience in life is a lesson, but the love & care will always be a strength to survive. Happy New Year 2014.

Hope this New Year we will have a new vision, new mission, new life, new day that will be better than yesterday .. Happy New Year 2014 everyone!

Dooor! Happy New Year ..
Saying goodbye to 2013 and welcome the new year 2014 ..
May god bless us ..
Hopefully this year is much better than last year and
hope that we can always be good friends ..
Happy New Year 2014.

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Faith makes all things possible.
Hope makes everything work.
Love makes all things beautiful.
May you have all three for this new year,
Happy new year 2014 ya.

Time to share,
Time to love,
Time to forgive,
Time for joy,
Time to entertain,
Time to collect,
Time to say
Happy New Year 2014.

.. Second by second, day after day, up month after month has brought a lot of stories, like .. sad .. to the real color in our lives, but leave all the memories are carved, is now welcoming the new year tlah us, it’s time we pack failure into success, we open a new sheet of the story with passion and joy
Happy new year 2014.

New Year ….
Welcome to 2014.

There is no word as beautiful chant poems.
No pearls angel.
But today more than the previous day, because soon we will pass on the second turn of the many millions of people waiting in the world.
Only one I can do and say
Happy new year 2014

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